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two colored pencils sitting on top of a coloring book with the title, mandal coloring book
Mandala coloring book with 50 drawings
Become a Premium member to get our exclusive mandala coloring book which includes 50 mandala design outlines.
an info sheet describing the benefits of art
Why is art important.
We have listed down 5 reasons why art is so important for us.
10 new year resolution every handicraft business should consider in 2023
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Reasons to Buy Handmade Products
Handmade products are great for the environment. Each handmade product has its own story, each handmade shop and the person who created it puts a lot of time and effort in to making something that’s unique, beautiful and made just for you.
an advertisement for painting courses in india, with three paintings on the front and back
Indian Folk Painting Course
Learn Madhubani, Warli and Pichwai paintings by experts.
Happy Independence Day
Like it can not rain without thunder and lightning, the progress of New India will demand the agitation of our true endeavours and light of our unwavering determination. Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Independence Day!
Learn Pichwai Peacock Painting
One of the most beautiful traditional arts - Kalamkari is mostly used for narrating the religious myths and also epics on both fabric and canvas, the saris of this particular style are renowned for its classy and artistic borders and pallu. The term Kalamkari originates from Persian words qalam (pen) and kari (craftmanship). Andhra Pradesh is famous all over for this form of art. Learn the basic technique of Kalamkari and the various color combination used in the royal art form.
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Madhubani Painting Workshop
Attend the workshop to unleash your creativity and learn the famous Madhubani painting at the comfort of your home. Register today !!
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Warli Painting Class
Warli Painting Class by Shriya Sinha on 29th May. Learn the basic elements of Maharashtra's Warli village theme artwork with interior designer Shriya Sinha who has been ardently practicing and teaching warli art for the last 7 years accomplishing the projects like decorating an entire wall and also many pillars in colleges and houses with various themes.
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Warli Art Designs Workshop
Learn warli painting by Shriya Sinha and make your own village theme warli painting. Warli Art Workshop organised by Authindia on 29th May 2021.
Madhubani Painting Workshop Art, Nift Delhi, Magazine
Madhubani Painting Workshop
Unleash your creativity by joining the Madhubani Painting Workshop by Kavita Das. She is a NIFT Delhi Alumni and a Madhubani Artist from Mithila.
Are Exotic Skins in the Obsolescence?
As demand shifts towards sustainable fashion accessories, vegan leather is emerging as a unique alternative to animal leather.
The Holy Land of Silks | Banarasi Silk
The ancient city of Varanasi has been the mainstay of India's silken contrivance. The city has long been a trading centre of silken fabric as over the centuries pilgrim routes and trade routes converged at Varanasi. #silk #weavers #culture #ganges #varansi #handloom #artsofindia #handicrafts #informalsector #craftsofindia #artisans
Weavers of Manpura, Rajasthan
When a large section of women workforce in Asia was compelled to leave the labour market due to pandemic, women of Manpura village working under the aegis of Jaipur Rugs foundation kept on weaving their fortune.