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a hand holding a starbucks cup with pink glitter and white flowers on the bottom, in front of a gray wall
Lizzy McGuire Snowglobe Tumbler
Starbucks 24 oz tumbler Pink glitter in liquid mixture. White/ pink blinged flower lid. Pink and white Starbucks siren. Lizzy McGuire and flowers all around cup! Lid: Choice of no bling lid OR bling lid Straw: Every order will come with the original green Starbucks straw. You may choose to add an additional pink and clear glitter straw if you'd like! *Tumbler is covered in epoxy to seal in design and prevent peeling. Double sealed bottom to prevent leaks. Hand wash only! Is not dishwasher safe. Message me for any questions! ❤️
a hand holding a pink starbucks drink in front of a wooden floor
Pink Drink Snowglobe tumbler
24oz double wall acrylic Starbucks tumbler filled with pink liquid, glitter and strawberry slices. Hand placed rhinestones on logo and lid.
a pink glitter tumbler sitting on top of a white table
Barbie Snowglobe Tumbler
Snowglobe Glitter Double Wall Tumbler Cold drinks only INCLUDES: - Standard Straw + Standard Lid. Send me a message with any questions you might have! CARE INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Hand wash only - no dishwasher & do not soak 2. Do not microwave, this is for cold drinks only 3. Avoid extreme heat or leaving in the car (extreme heat will evaporate any water in the cup and may potentially break the seal at the bottom) 4. Avoid dropping
the starbucks cup is covered in pink glitter
Starbucks Floral Spring 24oz Acrylic Snow Globe Glitter Tumbler with Lid and Straw
Starbucks Floral Spring 24oz Acrylic Snow Globe Glitter Tumbler with Lid and Straw OUR TUMBLERS ~Materials: Acrylic Glitter Globe ~One size: 24oz ~Non-toxic and BPA-free PRINT ~This is a UV DTF printed vinyl on acrylic tumbler *Please keep in mind that actual colors can slightly vary from image CARE INSTRUCTIONS ~Handwash only
a hand holding a starbucks cup with pink and green flowers on the lid, in front of a brick wall
Cherry Blossoms Starbucks Snowglobe Tumbler Pink Glitter fill - 24 oz - Venti - Personalize - Flowers
Please read full descriptions to ensure agreement with items and policies. Thank you 24 oz Green straw included Pink glitter with flower shaped glitter Snowglobe tumbler Do not microwave Do not freeze Not dishwasher safe Do not leave in extremely hot temperatures Personalize with text, font, and text color, name will be placed on cup as shown in image When you receive your tumbler in the mail, the cup. may appear very translucent and not like the pictures, this is because the paint or mica or g