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Build with us: Car Ramps!
Does your child love cars? Here are some fun ramps they can build for hours of endless fun. Comment below if you would like to see photos of these builds too! ✨
a group of toy houses sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other
Paw patrol magnatiles house
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two plastic buildings sitting on top of a carpeted floor
a toy train is on the tracks next to colorful blocks
50+ Connetix Magnetic Tile Play Ideas
Screen Free family activities using Magna-Tiles magnetic tiles. Image one shows a girl walking through a maze created with colorful magnetic tiles. Image two shows a car ramp built for toy cars to race down in a playroom with magnetic tiles. Image three shows a family using magnetic tiles to create a picture on a garage door for an outdoor activity for kids. The fourth image shows magnetic tiles creating a pattern in a window with sunlight shining through. Baby Play, Diy, Raising, Toddler, Hank, Baby Fever, Ready
4 Screen-Free Week Activities with Magna-Tiles®
Need screen-free activities for your family? Here are four family activities you can do this week to step away from screens and enjoy some time together. Grab your Magna-Tiles® and get ready for some fun! 1. Design a walkable maze 2. Build a car ramp 3. Create garage door art 4. Transform a window into a colorful masterpiece
a group of colorful plastic blocks sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
a young boy playing with wooden blocks on the floor
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Mario Kart Rainbow Road 🌈🏁