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View of a Mountain Massif, vintage artwork by Josef Thoma, 12x8 (A4) Poster Landscape Paintings, Mont Blanc, Nature, Environmental Art, Romanticism Art, Romantic Period, A4 Poster, Vintage Artwork, Mountain Landscape
View of a Mountain Massif, vintage artwork by Josef Thoma, 12x8" (A4) Poster
Beautiful fine art giclee poster print, A4 sizeDispatched through Royal Mail, 3 -5 working days UK, 4-10 working days worldwide.You can return any item for any reason for up to 30 days after you receive it. Full refund given immediately upon return. Unless you have simply changed your mind, we will also pay for the cost of returning it to us. Payment via Paypal, Credit/Debit Card or Bank TransferA4 Details.
a painting of some trees in a field
“Motivo Campestre” Pedro Lira. Óleo sobre tela (65x34,5). Una de las figuras más importantes en la pintura chilena, en virtud a su brillante inteligencia, vasta cultura, tenacidad, avasalladora personalidad y lo prolífico de su obra de gran valor e influencia tanto como pintor, crítico, maestro y difusor del arte. Cultivó todas las tendencias desde el romanticismo histórico al impresionismo.
a painting of apples and pomegranates in a bowl on a ledge
Art of Rubik Kocharian - PeopleOfAr
Bowl of Pomegranates by Rubik Kocharian
a painting of a castle on top of a hill with trees in the foreground
By Karin Vargas - Oil on canvas
a painting of a white water lily surrounded by green leafy plants and yellow leaves
By Giuliana Brizzi - Oil on canvas
a painting of an old boat on the shore
By Flori Sther - Oil on canvas
a painting of a sunset over the ocean with two trees in front of an orange and purple sky
By Cecilia Larenas - Oil on canvas