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a drawing of a woman holding a coffee cup and a handbag in her right hand
four different colored cats are shown in this watercolor painting style, each with green eyes
#gatos #cat
a watercolor painting of a cat sitting on its back with one paw in the air
a painting of apples, pears and a pitcher on a table
reinterpretación de bodegón Paul Cezanne
an impressionist painting of a rock on the beach with trees growing out of it
Acrílico de playa costa de Osorno, Chile
Proyecto Synco en Chile de los años 70 Toys, Allende, Dinosaur, Dinosaur Stuffed Animal
Proyecto Synco Allende
Acuarela y gouaché
pencil drawing of wine bottles and corks
Dibujo Inhaladores
a drawing of a house with vines growing on it
1/2 casa Niklitzcheck
a drawing of a blue house with red roof
2/2 casa Niklitzchek
a drawing of a house with a red roof
Casa Niklitzchek