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a drawing of an anime character with his eyes closed
💙¿Te gusto? [Amajiki Tamaki x tú]💙
Llegas a la Academia U.A, estas en la clase 1-A. Conoces a los tres g… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad
a heart made out of photos with the words'3 fotos'in it
fotos?????? Do you mean photos lol hahahahah
a drawing of an anime character with long hair
Boku no hero
an image of some app icons on a tablet pc or phone screen with clouds in the background
Como ser una VSCO GIRL - Convertir tus dispositovos a VSCO
❦` aestheqa
omg why do I love her so much like who would not?!
a girl with long blonde hair wearing a tiara and looking at her phone screen
Successful girl bosses were once little girls too.
Milk ▍ ° ࣪₊ ࣪₊-࣪₊. * ・。 ↳☁ - Anime icon - #animecharacters #animeeyes #animefunny #animeromance #animetumblr #Milk #aesthetic profile picture anime
a girl wearing glasses with hearts and stars on her head is looking at the camera
loli freetoedit #loli 298850570164201 by @alice_edits_198