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a watercolor painting of a woman in a blue dress standing on a cloud like surface
Something Blue | Claire Ashley ( Claire Thompson ) #watercolor #fashion #illustration | via
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a wooden headboard on a wall mounted shelf
Live Edge Blog
Visita para tener toda la información sobre los colchones
a black and white drawing of a woman standing in front of a wall with her hand up to her face
Simplicity / Garance Doré Un dibujo simple y elegante elaborado con bolígrafo o tinta. Se puede apreciar el predominio de las lineas verticales.
a drawing of a woman with red nail polish and lipstick on her face, holding a pen
Ilustración de moda para la promoción de productos de artículos de lujo.
a drawing of a woman's face with red lipstick and gold rings on her fingers
Marc-Antoine Coulon. Fashion illustration on Artluxe Designs. #artluxedesigns