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an outdoor table set up with food and candles for a dinner party in the mountains
How to Host a French Themed Dinner Party like a French Socialite
How-to-Host-a-French-Themed-Dinner-Party-like-a-French-Socialite-10 How-to-Host-a-French-Themed-Dinner-Party-like-a-French-Socialite-10
a pink tray filled with donuts and ice cream on top of a white table cloth
Ambientadores para los armarios
Te contamos cómo puedes hacer bolsitas con olor a suavizante de forma rápida y fácil.
a silver console table with two candles and a mirror on the wall in front of it
Decorando con pan de plata, paso a paso
Este es el proceso que se debe seguir para decorar un mueble de madera con pan de plata. ¿Lo habías visto antes?
several glass jars are lined up on a white surface
Cómo quitar las etiquetas de los tarros de cristal
Cómo quitar las etiquetas de los tarros de cristal de forma fácil y rápida
a person holding a brush in their left hand and wrapped in aluminum foil, with the other hand pointing at it
Consigue un efecto metálico en pocos pasos, ¡mira qué fácil!
Efecto metálico en nuestros muebles | Hacer bricolaje es
four colorful pillows with pom poms on them
Cojines, Marruecos
a wooden box with two bottles in it on a table next to flowers and a lamp
a metal frame with flowers hanging on it
JE T´AIME, PARIS (pág. 205) | Decorar tu casa es
a faucet that is sitting on top of a blue and white bowl with red stuff in it
This Ivy House
an orange and blue tiled floor with white flowers
Ladrillos color terracota y mosaicos de talavera para agregar color y un patrón al piso de los patios.
two white stools sitting next to each other on top of a hard wood floor
Todo transfer
Todo transfer | Aprender manualidades es
an ornate white frame with candles and flowers on the table next to it is a heart shaped candle holder
an easy and pretty earring holder is displayed on the wall next to a mirror
10 Minute Easy and Pretty Earring Holder
Make this DIY hanging earring holder in 10 minutes or less. Keeps your jewelry untangled and organized! #organization