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a skull and crossbones on a black background with the words merino mor
Linocut Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
a drawing of a woman in a dress with an elaborate headpiece and long hair
Fem Oogie Boogie by NoFlutter on DeviantArt
Fem Oogie Boogie by NoFlutter on DeviantArt
an old japanese movie poster with a girl in school uniform and a monster on the ground
17 Pósters de Kill Bill que necesitas en tu vida
a red mask with horns and fangs on it
Samurai Assassin Demon Oni BB Gun Airsoft Máscara, Disfraz de Halloween Cosplay Ninja Warrior Devil Evil Hannya Kabuki DA01 - Etsy España
Samurai asesino demonio Oni BB pistola Airsoft Mask Halloween | Etsy
a wooden plaque with a skull painted on it
My Link in Bio Page
While they're lovely as they are, if he tries to print with them the wording will be in reverse :/