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an advertisement for a women's clothing store with three different pictures and the words juventud
Que le pasó a nuestra Generación???
an old man is laughing in front of a computer screen with the caption'yo viendo como mi compa lo mandan por las tortillas media classe en linea
a cat that is laying down on its back with it's paws in the air
four pictures of a cartoon character in different poses, with the caption'cuado te vas a medir un pantalon y tu mama dice que salas para vera
momos :v
the simpsons is sitting at a desk with another person in front of him and one man standing next to him
momos :v
an image of a woman looking at herself in the mirror with caption that reads,'por que soy tan fea? los hombres al vera en el esepo
Memes del Dia
an image of a cartoon mouse with caption that reads, untangling monitor cords like
~『Coun t ryHumans Lat I n o s』~
How to do couple poses on the beach
a woman holding up a piece of paper with writing on it next to sushi and chopsticks
Momos momos y más momos :v -