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a ceramic vase with the words'me moon is my mother'written on it
two pairs of black and white earrings on top of a blue wave shaped background with the shape of a skateboard
42 Brincos dos anos 60 estão de volta
42 Brincos dos anos 60 estão de volta - Estilo Próprio By Sir acessórios
a person holding some kind of earrings in their hand with clouds and raindrops on them
two green and white earrings with silver earwires on a white surface, hanging from hooks
the pink and yellow heart shaped earrings are hanging from silver hooks on a pink background
Products – Page 9 – The Pixie Wand
six different colored stone pendants with holes in the middle on a black table top
Porcelain jewelry components
Porcelain jewelry components | Nancy Adams | Flickr
four strawberry shaped earrings with rainbows and clouds