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an image of a bunch of post it notes on a table with pens and pencils
14 Useful Study Hacks That'll Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier
Via buzzfeed: If you write down the information and stick it somewhere you always see, you’ll start consuming it more. The more you consume it, the more likely you’ll be to remember it.
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Teach me your ways!
with exams looming in I can't help but procrastinate by making pretty notes
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sushi-studies: “ Class notes for Physics! Exams end in 5 days and I can’t wait!!!!!! ”
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20 Images That Will Help You Take The Best Notes In Class - Gurl.com
Even in the year 2016, when we have all of the technology in the world right at our fingertips, the old-fashioned practice of handwriting notes in class continues to be the best method of learning. Actually writing things down on paper – not typing them, not plugging them into your iPhone, not listening to a recording or watching a video – is still the most effective way to memorize and comprehend the material.
an open notebook sitting on top of a table next to a pen
aestheticonpapier: 30.03.16 | 5:53 | US History Chapter 23 Study Guide: In the Spring color mood..
an image of a note with arrows pointing to the notes and points at them in different directions
Geek to Live: Take study-worthy lecture notes
Take Useful Notes – Because useless notes are useless, and not taking notes is a recipe for failure.
a paper with writing on it that says, how to not fall behind at school
How To Not Fall Behind At School
a notebook with notes on it and the words how to make math notes written below
Lattes and Netflix — How to Make Maths Notes
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The Ultimate Guide To Note-Taking [Infographic] - LifeHack
The ultimate guide to note taking. Are you a student who is struggling with studying and taking notes? These tips are great for college students and anyone who needs help preparing for a test or exam
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A Studious Aesthetic
Alright guys, I’ve finally made a big note-taking guide! I had some extra time this afternoon, so I sat down with some Arrested Development and made this. This guide was made with my new Staedtler pens, which are a treat to work with! It’s not a guide on how to take notes with good content, just notes that are visually appealing. :)Also, I learned a lot of what I know about note-taking from other studyblrs, so I’ve linked some of their tutorials down below.Title fonts: I’ve been doing the bl...
an open notebook with doodles and arrows drawn on the pages, all in different directions
together forever
Banners studyblr. How to make your notes pretty. Check out that cool T-Shirt here: https://www.sunfrog.com/together-forever-Black-Guys.html?53507 More
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, the cornelnutes
How To Improve Note Taking Skills - Acadoceo
A big part of your success in college will come down to how effectively you take notes when in class, or watching a lecture online. Effective note taking can really enhance your learning and studying efforts. College can be very overwhelming, with the sheer amount of coursework and subjects, but when you master effective note taking it will become much easier to succeed. Why is it important to take notes during classes? If you are anything like me, then note-taking during class will help yo...
an open notebook with colored pencils next to it on top of a white surface
How to Take Notes From a Textbook (That You'll Actually Understand)
How to Take Notes From a Textbook (That You'll Actually Understand) | Her Campus
the steps to writing a paper into sections like so
How I Do It: Note taking 101
I like this! I think I'm going to adopt this as my church note taking strategy!