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several pieces of colored sticky notes with words written on them that say don't, don't, do not
The Big List of K–2 Literacy Centers
38 Ideas for K–2 Literacy Centers You're Going to Love
a purple bowl filled with wooden spoons that say, grab and go brain breaks
Grab and Go Brain Breaks in the Classroom • Tickled Pink in Primary
Food Missing Vowels
Enhance your English grammar and spelling skills with our vibrant and reusable "Food Missing Vowels" sheets. This comprehensive resource comprises 4 distinct categories for practicing spelling, including Food (15 words), Drinks (10 words), Fruits (15 words), and Vegetables (15 words). Perfect for fun and interactive learning, our colorful sheets will help you master your spelling and grammar in no time!
three cups filled with paper flowers on top of a table
Is, am, are TLM | Interesting English TLM | TLM for primary school | English TLM for kids