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a black and white photo with the words, has construcion un mundo magico por que tu nudo real es tragigo
El diario de una suicida...: Fotos
Tal cual
the silhouette of a person riding a skateboard in front of a sky with clouds
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Foto de Y tu Le temes a la Oscuridad ?
someone holding their hands up in front of a window with the words you want the best so sorry that's clearly not me this is all i can be
Podríamos serlo.
Pero joder, tú estás en todas las canciones Videos, Motivation, Musica, Stupid Love
Pero joder, tú estás en todas las canciones
an open book with spanish writing on it
a woman talking on a cell phone next to a street
Eso me lo pregunto cada dia!!!
a woman drinking out of a cup with the sun in the background and text that reads,
Nunca aprendere
a piece of paper with the words in spanish
frases de avenida 749
Resultado de imagen para frases de avenida 749
the hand that is in front of a window with words written on it and an image of
Lo más irónico y cierto de esta maldita vida
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a burning candle with the words cum sa nu mai simti nu te in italiano carte
El final está pensando en una mirada de odio hacia a ti
an image of a man dressed as the mad hatter from disney's alice and the
Siempre e estado loca