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a woman with blonde hair wearing earrings and a strapless dress on the red carpet
Katy Perry
katy perry Angelina Jolie, Undercut, Khloe Kardashian, Russell Brand, Jennifer Morrison
katy perry
a woman standing in front of a castle wearing a white dress with sequins on it
a woman dressed as snow white holding two stuffed animals in her hands and posing for the camera
Katy Perry my snow white 😻🙆
a woman holding an umbrella in the middle of a field with balloons all around her
I asked my mom if we can go to her tour because it's in my area so I'm hoping she says yes please oh please
two people dressed up as santa claus and a woman in a red sweater playing pool
a woman holding a fork and bowl of food
a collage of photos with the same person in different colors and sizes as well as text
Katy Perry
a woman is making the peace sign with her hand and wearing a tiara on top of her head
Katy Perry
a woman standing next to a minnie mouse on top of a red carpet
Osito Barrigón • Noticias Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars y mucho más
#DNews #MinnieMouse recibió su en el #HollywoodWalkofFame junto a @katyperry