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a white table topped with potted plants next to a wooden shelf filled with greenery
a wooden table with two vases on top of it next to a painting and candles
FARMHOUSE — Lindsay Gerber Interiors
FARMHOUSE — Lindsay Gerber Interiors
a white wooden cabinet sitting on top of a rug next to a mirror and potted plant
Stunning handcrafted white washed ethnic furniture with hand carved detailing.
a wooden cabinet with carvings on the doors and drawers is shown in front of a white wall
Stunning handcrafted grey washed ethnic furniture with hand carved detailing.
a large wooden cabinet sitting in front of a wall mounted stove top oven and cabinets
La grange du Lauragais : relooking d'un buffet en bois dans un style industriel avec Crémone.
Rénovation / relooking du buffet en bois ancien en meuble industriel. Ponçage du meuble, patine du bois, pose de Crémone, peinture des portes, enlèvement des baguettes. Transformation buffet ancien en buffet industriel et moderne
a white dresser with gold handles and knobs on the top, next to a plant
home decor gift home decor minimalist home decor apartment
an old dresser with plants growing on it in front of a window and two lamps
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden dresser next to a framed painting
Renovated Ranch
Renovated Ranch – Amanda Louise Interiors
an ornately decorated living room with blue and white furniture, potted plants and paintings on the wall
a living room with two lamps on top of a wooden dresser next to a couch
Color, Pattern, and Art Partay... Dining Room