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an image of some kind of architecture in the style of art deco, with lines and shapes
THRONE ROOM - The Temple of Utu - MartinH & Minos
THRONE ROOM - The Temple of Utu - MartinH & Minos - Polycount Forum
an old drawing of people standing in front of a building
Uxmal - Wikipedia
Uxmal - Wikipedia
a model of a castle made out of concrete blocks and cement blocks, with the door open
the water is very green in this pool
The Osireion in Abydos, Egypt
Osireion in Abydos,10,500 BCE. - What is interesting is that there are no reliefs or hieroglyphs found on the walls of this temple, besides this "flower of life". The flower of life is a a 64 tetrahedron grid that actually appears to be laser burnt on the wall. The walls are also built with megalithic blocks, predating the Dynastic era. - How were people from 12.000 years ago able to carve this symbol without laser technology? (Through one of the Sacred Sciences called 'Stone Moulding' -AK)
an animated scene shows a man and woman standing in front of a mirror, surrounded by plants
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an artistic painting of two pillars with statues on top and one column painted in red, white and blue
Pequeña vivienda Estilo Tradicional, exteriores rústicos e interiores modernos. - Mundo Fachadas
Esquema del Orden Dórico.
a painting of some people on a boat in the water with houses and trees behind them
3D & Animation online courses for creative professionals | Domestika
some kind of brick wall made out of clay
ESCAPE - Dongala - Grey Foxholes
ESCAPE - Dongala - Grey Foxholes - Polycount Forum
Modular Dungeon Set - Polycount Forum Decoration, Pixel Art, Miniature, Dungeon, Modular
Modular Dungeon Set
Modular Dungeon Set - Polycount Forum