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a white and wooden light hanging from a gray ceiling with grey wall in the background
three different colored lamps hanging from the ceiling with one light turned on and two lights down
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Madera moderna Luces Colgantes Lamparas Colorido Luminaria Luces de la Sala Comedor De la lámpara de Aluminio Colgante de La Lámpara de Iluminación Para El Hogar
How to Glue Up Mitered Corner Joints
Have trouble gluing up mitered corner joints? Using a series of right angle blocks and clamps make it easier. See how I did this in my epoxy waterfall resin table project and how you can do it easier. #miterjoints #miteredcorners #waterfalledge #woodworking #woodworkingprojects
a couch sitting next to a wooden table in a living room
Simple Design Coffee Table, Espresso
Epoxy resin
a small wooden stool sitting on top of a white floor
Legless stool designed and made by @josh.carmody Photo
a close up view of a wooden surface with metal trim on the bottom and sides
Beautiful wood/steel detail More
two photographs of stairs leading up and down to a window in a house with white walls
Stair Design Idea - 9 Examples Of Built-In Handrails
Stair Design Ideas - 9 Examples Of Built-In Handrails // This built-in handrail that runs the length of the stairs does double-duty as a light source.
a table that has some sort of wood on it
Apostila de Mesa Resinada Passo a passo