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an open book with black and white photos on it's pages, including a truck driving down the road
Bruther / Introduction
Bruther / Introduction
an image of some type of brochure on display
The Legacy of Le Corbusier
The Legacy of Le Corbusier | Enle Li
an open book with pictures of houses and trees
B.E Architecture - Latitude Group
BE Architecture portfolio document by Latitude.
an open book with several pages stacked on top of each other, in different positions
This brochure for Melbourne, Australia-based 1.1 Architects (pronounced One to One) is part of a bigger identity project designed by COÖP, also in Melbourne.
several pages are stacked on top of each other in the same direction, with one being folded open
MA [空間] - Architectural Magazine on Behance... - a grouped images picture
MA [空間] - Architectural Magazine on Behance - created via
an image of some type of webpage with many different colors and font options on it
A4 Presentation for Print (Keynote & PowerPoint)
Showcase and discover creative work on the world's leading online platform for creative industries.
an open book with drawings on the pages and in front of it is a table
William O’Brien Jr. Architecture, Portfolio Book by Njenworks , via Behance
a series of black and white images with different lines on them, including the bottom half of
The style here isn't appropriate for the yearbook, but there are lots of good layout options that are well-executed. Could be good to look at. - Smita Sen, Corporate Branding Intern
a bunch of different types of papers on top of each other with the same color scheme
Clean Resume Set
Clean Resume Set - Resumes Stationery minus the photo
a gray and white pattern with the letter z in it's center is shown
We live in an almost perfect stillness and work with incredible urgency — but does it float
We live in an almost perfect stillness and work with incredible... - but does it float
a professional resume template with yellow accents on the front and bottom pages, in two different colors