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people are walking on the beach near white cliffs
The most beautiful cliff in the world :p I'm biased but you must agree that this is pretty ;) #Denmark
the ocean is blue and green with waves crashing against the rocks on the cliff side
Calanques National Park
Best Trails in Parc national des Calanques | AllTrails
people are kayaking in clear blue water near the rocky shore and cliffs, surrounded by greenery
The Ultimate Guide to the Calanques in Marseille and Cassis - Limitless Secrets
Calanque d'En-Vau - French Riviera
an odd looking object with red and green paint on it
Iceland: One of the Most Beautiful Places on this Planet - Design Swan
a man is in the snow near a hot tub
an old man with a red turban and white beard sitting in a window
The Big Picture photography competition: round 131
La vida enmarcada
there are many cups and mugs on the shelves
"Chinese Tea Mugs" by John Lander
I MUST find these during my trip abroad in October. My Chinese tea mug will be an essential souvenir.