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a black building with two lights on the roof
Vardehaugen Sauna Sørbøfjellet
a small black house on top of a white table
a house made out of books on the ground
ViaTravelers | Destination Travel With Authentic Insights
Black Forest Visitor’s Centre - Carmody Groarke
a small house with two windows and a brown roof on the white snow covered ground
Maquette villa IJsselzig | EVA architecten
a wooden model of a church with a small tree on top of the building and it's roof
three different views of a structure with wooden panels and metal rods on the sides, including one
Prism House, Coinguillio, 2017
a sculpture made out of cardboard sitting on top of a blue surface with a white background
Architectural Model - Carmody Groarke . Burgh Island hotel
several pieces of art made out of metal and screwdrivers on top of a table
model for Marine City, Hawaii by Kiyonori Kikutake (1963)
an architectural model of a building with trees and buildings in the background, on a table
Asymptote Architecture
Asymptote Architecture: Keelung Gateway Port Terminal, Taiwan
a model of a city at night with trees and buildings in the foreground,
david chipperfield gets permission for canada water project
david chipperfield gets permission for canada water project - designboom | architecture
a model of a mountain is shown on a white surface with no people around it
model architecture: Photo
Imitating water with glass in a model.