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an anime character with his mouth open and the words erase written on it in front of him
Erased minimal anime poster
an anime character with blue hair holding chopsticks in his hand and looking at the camera
the poster for angels of death, featuring an evil girl with red eyes and black hair
Angels of Death
an advertisement for the anime film, the future diary with two people kissing each other
The Future Diary
the poster for hitoriumine my hero, which features two young men with blonde hair
Hitorijime My Hero
the poster for parasyte the maximum, which features an image of a man with glasses
Parasyte The Maxim
the poster for wotako love is hard for otaku
the poster for tsuritamaa
an anime character with black hair and purple eyes
Amnesia minimal anime poster
the poster for dance with devil's is shown in front of an anime character
Dance With Devils
an anime poster with two people hugging each other
an image of two people in bed with the caption'orenchi no furo jijou '
Orenchi No Furo Jijou
the poster for blue spring, which features two people kissing and one is holding his head to
Blue Spring Ride