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a close up of a wooden frame with a gold knob on it
Adoptez un meuble vintage relooké - Lilibroc
a white and black striped nightstand next to a bed with a gold vase on it
15 Mid Century Modern and Eclectic Furniture Picks from Anthropologie
an abstract black and white pattern with wavy lines in the shape of rectangles
op art image of the day
five lined pyramids
a black and white drawing of a person standing in front of a spiral background with lines
Illustrations, Fine Art, Art Design, and Black and White image inspiration on Designspiration
topográficamente hablando... curvas de nivel
an abstract black and white pattern with different colors
Graphic 83
This pattern has a lot going on in it but I like it because it reminds me of the 1980s style.
black and white artwork with different shapes
Digital Collage — TOM ABBISS SMITH
a book shelf with books and a figurine on it
8 Must-See Interior & Lifestyle Finds For August — decor8
Malene Bjelke for Kahler
an elephant sculpture sitting on top of a white table next to a gray wall and floor
Tall Elephant with Long Legs and Long Truck H(18.5 inches)
black and white circles are arranged on a brown surface
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Cris Figueiredo löysi kohteen kuva. Löydä (ja tallenna!) omat kuvasi ja videosi We Heart It -sivulla.
an abstract black and white drawing with lines coming out of the top to form a zigzag pattern
Muster zeichnen - meditativ oder einfach nur langweilig ? - Hermine on walk
Muster zeichnen ist langweilig. Seht ihr das auch so? Erfahrt wieso das doch nicht so sein muss, sondern sogar ziemlich entspannend sein kann! Hermine on walk | Prints | Structure | monochromatic structure | monochrome Print
a piece of art that has been made with black and white paper on the wall
¿Collage, pintura o papercut? | Fedrigoni Club
«Siendo de Miami, estoy más interesado en las plantas agresivas y exuberantes del trópico y estas son las plantas que invaden el lienzo. Su relación con el hombre como alimento o refugio o como un estorbo para él también es fascinante para mí. Puedo reducir el follaje a un lenguaje monocromático para dramatizar el dibujo con un negativo, creando una imagen plana, un patrón»
a black and white drawing of a bear sitting on the ground with his paws crossed