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ฮกบ. ‎੯‧̀͡u\ on Twitter: "มาแน้ว 💖… "
a young man holding up a book with his face close to the camera and looking at it
Notes; hyunin
Lee Know Stray Kids, Stray Kids Minho, Lee Min, Kpop Guys, Lee
The school full of secrets/chanlix/minsung - Enjoy the death ride🚌
a woman with a pink mask on her face and another person wearing a red jacket in the background
˗ˏ✎ ² 続行?¸,.•*¯ Si estuvieras en Stray Kids ; Salvaje.
two young men standing next to each other with one pointing at the camera and another holding his finger up
𓃠 on X
Lee Minho Stray Kids
HIATUS; Stray Kids Trash [OT9] - Date Game [Category 1]
a young man holding a stuffed animal and wearing a hat
Idol, Emo Style
a woman wearing red glasses holding a stuffed animal
a person wearing a hat and holding a microphone in front of their face with one hand
a male in a black leather jacket and chain around his neck is posing for the camera
✧ ; Hyunjin | Shared Folder | •Stray Kids• Amino
a woman sitting at a table with a fork in her mouth and a cup of coffee next to her
a woman holding a dog in front of a neon sign with writing on the wall