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there is a metal frame with some tools in it
Esta vez les traigo algo diferente chicos, lol,!,<v>
an old sewing machine made out of metal parts
Tuff traktor
an owl statue sitting on top of a tree stump
Scrap Metal Owl Yard Sculpture
Combine imagination with a shovel head, a saw blade and a few other metal bits and pieces from around the workshop and you get a darling piece of yard art. #metaltreeartprojects
an odd looking metal sculpture holding a bowl with food in it's mouth and wearing a cowboy hat
shovel bird gold miner
there is a metal bird feeder in the grass with scissors stuck to it's side
So cool, I'm ready for this job!, what about you, lol, <v>
an owl statue made out of metal sticks and nails on the ground with eyes open
Owl Yard Art Recycled Garden Sculpture - Etsy
Owl Yard Art Recycled Garden Sculpture by nbillmeyer on Etsy
an odd looking bird is standing on the sidewalk next to some metal sculptures and trees
a metal lizard sitting on top of a wooden table next to screws and nuts
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Lizard is assembled with salvaged parts from around the Pacific Northwest area. Clear coat applied to resist rust and keep clean although if kept outside it will rust. 3.5 tall 9 long 7.5 wide 2.5 lbs
a crow standing on top of a grass covered field next to a metal pipe with eyes drawn on it
weiner dog with Jerry
Alluminio hierro