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two brown and silver horse tacks sitting on top of a wooden table
two silver buckles with sunburst design on them sitting on a piece of leather
Timeless Woodshop — (via Pinterest)
Timeless Woodshop — (via Pinterest)
two silver metal door handles sitting on top of a wooden table
JWP Tapia Band Spurs - 2
two decorative metal handles on a wooden door
Jennings handmade spurs, sterling mounted
Jennings handmade spurs for Sale (sterling mounted) - For more information click on the image or see ad # 58417 on
an ornate metal object on a blue background
Leather Spur Straps, Straps
two silver objects sitting on top of a fur covered floor next to a yellow hat
Bunkhouse Bit and Spur
Tools And Equipment, Blacksmithing Ideas, Tack Board, Hat Rack, Diy Hat Rack
Custom Handmade Spurs and Bits, Large Variety Rowls to choose from, hand crafted art
two silver metal objects sitting on top of a blue and white blanket
JRs Custom Metals Rasp Spurs
a close up of a horse's bridle with metal decorations on it
an old western style leather belt with buckles on the side and two other belts attached to it
Spur straps basket weaving Horse Gear, Horse Jewelry, Pink Rhinestones
Spur straps basket weaving