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a stylized image of a robot standing in front of a black background with gold accents
⚡️right now, you don't see it.. it's incomprehensible..🌩
⚡️we will change the world 🌎 🌍 🌏. we will live in the promised land blessed by GOD himself. you will be exiled to a desolate wasteland. it will be your inheritance for all your evil.. there you will run to your father satan.. to teach you how to stand up against GOD.. he is the only one stubborn enough to do it.. you will be misled and you will fail.. because like Lazarus, and like many others, OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST will raise us from the dead☹️😤👆!🌩
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毛韭挠挠腿 (@maotuiii) on X
Arte 8 Bits, Fantasy Male, Soul Art, Arte Fantasy
an image of a man in armor with his hands on his hips
Final Fantasy Funny, Knight Armor, Dnd Art, Armors
two different types of armor are shown in this image, one is black and the other is white
temmie on X: "some Frays i drew (ffxiv fanart)" / X