54 Pins
an image of a woman with dreadlocks on her head
L'ORIENTALISTE - Nicoline Patricia Malina
Hair Styles, Princesses, Model, Girl, Poses, Women, Body, Human
Queen of Egypt - Nomad Bubbles
a woman in an elaborate costume poses for a photo
black and white photograph of a woman with jewelry on her head looking off to the side
Queen of Egypt - Nomad Bubbles
a woman with tattoos on her body and chest
Error - Saatchi Art
a wooden sculpture with a cloth wrapped around it's head
César Orrico — Galerie Calderone
a blue statue with a glass ball on it's head
Daily Inspiration - Graphic Design, Art, 3D, Photography
rain sculpture bronze and glass by nazar | Design Inspiration | Follow us
a yellow and white vase sitting on top of a gray table next to a wall
Michael Bauermeister | Linden with tinted lacquer
an abstract painting on the side of a building with lots of paint dripping from it
paint, heart, art...yes!!
a black and white sculpture sitting on top of a table
Erosion by Tamsin van Essen.
a sculpture made out of bamboo sticks and wire on a white background with an oval object in the middle
j'adore trop
Bard Breivik
a large metal object sitting on top of a lush green field
Outdoor Sculpture in Stainless Steel | Torus
David Harber
a wooden sculpture is shown on a black stand
Isamu Noguchi . the cry, 1959