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El diseño en general es de mi gusto. Se suma al gusto natural del diseño el hecho de que mi padre hacia trabajos en su "Taller de Calados" en madera y otros…
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a black and white chair sitting on top of a floor next to a cement wall
Sofá Space Invaders
a wooden door with an illuminated design on it's side in a room filled with other items
So I made a pretty thing... - post
Maderas con resinas
a welcome sign on the ground with stars and circles around it that reads,'welcome '
Atomic clock and sign art by Stevotomic - Retro Renovation
Welcome to
a living room with a guitar on the floor next to a large wall sculpture that has squares and rectangles all over it
Ideas para separar espacios en casa
Ideas para separar espacios en casa - Juventud Rebelde - Diario de la juventud cubana
a yellow and green clock on the side of a building
Vintage lifestyle: Let's get inspired by the most dazzling vintage decor ideas for your vintage retro bar
a wall covered in lots of colorful pictures
Lisboa con tu mejor amiga
Entre el Barrio Alto y Príncipe Real: El Clandestino
a multicolored piece of art made out of wooden pallets on a white wall
'Rectangle' is the first work within a series that presents the shags in a more geometrical shape.
a welcome sign is hanging on the wall
a living wall with plants and lights hanging from it's sides, in front of a tiled floor
Inspiração Tidelli: Balanços na Decoração | Blog Grupo Espaço A
Inspiração Tidelli - Balanços na Decoração