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two people standing next to each other in front of a pink and white background with words above them
🌹Rosas y Champaña🍾
Jeong Yiwon, un abogado de ascendencia coreana que vive en Rusia, está comprometido con la causa de defender a los inocentes de la corrupción y el crimen. Tiene tantas agallas que hasta se atreve a negociar con "El Zar" de la mafia Sergeyev.
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a man and woman kissing in front of a speech bubble with the caption that says,
Madman Combo
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two people kissing each other with the words iwok above them
an anime story page with two people kissing and one person holding his head in front of him
hana on X
an anime character is holding a drink in his hand and standing next to another character
a cartoon cat sitting at a table with the words la story arto in front of it
Comics,Memes de KnY
two anime characters with blonde hair and green eyes
Elizabeth Meliodas
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🍀Fotos de Melizabeth🍀 - 42🍀