Combarbalá - Tulahuen

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Bags, Hessian, Burlap, Burlap Bag, Reusable Tote Bags
two dogs laying on the ground next to some rocks and trees with red tags hanging from them
there is a dirt road going through the mountains
a horse tied to a fence next to a building with a satellite dish on it's roof
a sign on the side of a road that says las ramadas valley del rio grande
there is a river running through the mountains
a person holding up a plastic cup filled with food
an empty street with tables and benches in front of a red building that has mountains in the background
the mountains are covered in vegetation and shrubs
a herd of goats walking up a hill
a man and woman standing in front of a display case with oranges on it
nuts are wrapped in plastic bags and ready to be sold
a woman in an apron cutting bread on a counter