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a person holding a piece of blue and white opalite
Kalled Gallery- Jennifer Kalled boulder opals-Wolfeboro NH
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Fractal mineral space
Fractal mineral space | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos
a person is holding a blue and black heart shaped stone in their left hand, next to a rock
Boulder Opal 6.95ct - Etsy Australia
Australian Boulder Opal by SignatureOpal on Etsy
some opalite stones are laying on the ground
Gilson Created Opal Homepage
Our Gilson opal comes in many forms including rough, tumbled, chips and cabochons. We occasionally have 2nd quality material as well. Below and to the left are our different opal categories. Please email us if you have any questions or are looking for something we don't carry.
a person holding a blue and purple object in a black box with its lid open
The 155 carat "Blue Lagoon" boulder opal is on it's way to Paris... Bill Kasso️PM
a person holding an opal in their hand
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Opal ♡
an opalite stone sitting on the ground
oh , Bill Kasso, you leave us breathless!
an abstract glass sculpture is displayed on a white surface with a gray back dropper
Mineral Sample; Rainbow Obsidian, Freeform, Mexico, 8 inch.
Fire Obsidian for Sale | ... fire or iris obsidian, it is regarded in crystallographic metaphysics
a plate that is made out of glass and has many different designs on the surface
Rare ammonite tabletop
a multicolored rock sitting on top of a table
Rainbow Rock
Rainbow Geode. Piedra "Geoda" mas conocida como la Roca Arco-iris.
a close up view of a piece of glass with an orange light in the center
Opalo de Fuego
an opalite stone sitting on top of a table
Another nice stripey boulder opal I'll have at Tucson!
six pieces of opalite sitting on top of a black surface with green and red colors
'Galaxy' opals from Mexico