Building on a Sloped Terrain

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two white houses on a grassy hill with trees in the background
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the house is made out of wood and glass
Gallery of Half-Slope House / Denis Joelsons + Gabriela Baraúna Uchida - 2
Image 1 of 57 from gallery of Half-Slope House / Denis Joelsons + Gabriela Baraúna Uchida. Photograph by Pedro Kok
an aerial view of a house in the middle of a mountainous area with mountains behind it
Crete’s Ring House Gives Back To Its Surroundings
two wooden structures sitting in the middle of a lush green field with trees around them
studio MEMM fronts two-volume tree house in brazil with solar shading inspired by leaves
stilt studios embeds nature-infused treehouse restaurant within bali's lush oasis
a house that is sitting in the dirt
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a building on top of a grassy hill
German Postwar Modern
German Postwar Modern on Tumblr
a wooden structure sitting on top of a hill
Morpho-Logic - Hanghaus, Trebesing 2017. Via...
SUBTILITAS — Morpho-Logic - Hanghaus, Trebesing 2017. Via...
a drawing of a small house with stairs
Galeria de Casa de Campo em Macacos / Ana Cristina Faria + Maria Flávia Melo - 26